New plus size lingerie collections

As you may already know, at we always look for new collections, new products that are of best quality at competitive prices. Because we are 100% and only dedicated to the plus size lingerie, we want to propose the nicest plus size that will enhance your curves.

We have added more than 200 new styles chosen with taste and conviction.


Baby Dolls are the nicest products for adding your night with glamor, sensuality and a sexy touch.

"Going to bed" will now means something more than "going to sleep"...



They are many ways of wearing a sexy corset, a  sensual bustier : nice, seat home for the only pleasure of your companion eyes, with nothing else that the most often included g-string, or while on the go, under a shirt (or not), with a trouser, a skirt. Not to say that they also refine the silhouette.

Nowadays wearing a corset, bustier as a upper wear is a real fashion trend and honestly, they are so elegant with this  sexy touch, that it will make you feeling the queen of the day or night.


Panties, for such a long time they have been used has an obligatory hygienic or so apparel. But today, of course they are used for the same reason, but not only because panties are so sexy, fitting your curves with sensuality. Could we say, that before we were hiding our panties because they were, if not ugly, quite dull, boring and that of today we may be proud to show them (in certain circumstances, of course!!!)?


So, if you never felt about showing your beautiful curves, it is time to reconsider because you deserve it.

And we are so pleased to help you with.   plus size lingerie 


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