Our Curvy Lingerie World - Report 01 -


Our Curvy Lingerie World

from Curvynbeautiful Plus Size Lingerie Team

Fall 2015 Curvy World Report 01
What is happening suddenly?

Did you just appeared as a new target group?
We suppose you did notice that for the past 18 or 24 months, eventually, a lot of companies are suddenly discovering that Curvy girls exist… and are proposing to you products that fit your lovely curves. Well, is there something new? Does it happen that you are just born yesterday and nobody in the world knew your existence?

Or is it that these companies saw the business potential in what they call : marketing niche?
Do not make any mistake, lingerie or clothing business is not philanthropic, they target you because your are wealthy people. And yes all companies have to make money in order to be able to propose products on the different markets.

Is curvynbeautiful.com so different from these companies that are today willing to enter the Curvy world.

Yes and no (surprise!)
Yes, because curvynbeautiful.com has been created for you, lovely curvy ladies, and only for you from the first day.
Why is that? because we love the Curvy Ladies, we love Curves physically speaking, but above all, we love your sensibility, we love your approach to the world by making a difference, a so cute difference.

No, not completely different, of course, because as a company, we need to be also business oriented to propose to you the best products on the market and preferably at the best price. But we propose to you exclusively Plus Size Lingerie products and accessories.

We are not virtual persons, we are real and always ready to support you through our Customer Service for any reason you may find to discuss with us.
Our primary goal is to be dedicated to you, yes, we know it sounds too good to be true, but it is true, try us and you will not be disappointed.
Our customer line 888 416 5594 is open 7/7 (otherwise advised) and from 8 AM to 9 PM ET.
Also, we want and we do respond to your emails within the same day as received, not to say, for the most, in the next hour received.

Because your lovely curves deserve the best attention and products, we are proud at Curvynbeautiful Plus size lingerie  to serve you, and only you.

Sincerely yours.

curvynbeautiful.com Team



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