Our Curvy Lingerie World - Report 02 -

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 Our Curvy Lingerie World

 from Curvynbeautiful Plus Size Lingerie Team

*In September 2015, the Curvynbeautiful team attended the International Lingerie Show that presents all designers for elegant and sexy 2016 Lingerie collections.

We are very happy to report that, now on, the Plus Size Apparel are from dedicated lingerie lines as we asked for many years to the designers we are working with.

The 2016 season is definitely Elegant, Hot and exotic!!! Check it by yourself..

*Some professional Models were complaining about to be called "plus size lingerie model" and prefer to be called "Curvy Model".

Well, honestly speaking, here at Curvynbeautiful, we cannot agree more ( we suppose you understand why, :))

But, on the other hand, being Curvy does not mean only to be Plus Size, while Plus Size means you have Curves, and WE LOVE CURVES!!!

And, isn't "Plus" something meaning like "More, Additional, and Better?

So, we do like Plus Size as we love Curvy (yes we know, curvynbeautiful...).

*Ah, a good Day to Day Business anecdote : it happens that a Social Media told us : You cannot use this Image as an Ad, because It has "Too Much Skin...".

Well, we are promoting Lingerie, so, how is that possible to have professional model not showing some skin (too much?), should they wear a coat?...

Guess what will happen when we promote swimwear.

And, never forget : We are CURVYNBEAUTIFUL, so that, we are Dedicated to you, Lovely Curvy and Beautiful Ladies.

Good buying with us. "May the Curves be with you..."


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