Our Curvy Lingerie World - Report 03 -


Today we would like to present the last interview made by a magazine with our boss.

1. What Made you get into the Lingerie Business?

We started our journey within the Lingerie world back to 2004, falling in love with the Elegant and Sexy Intimate Apparel. From the first day, we were    fund of the quality, softness and design of the Lingerie we have been able to discover through different worldwide designers and, dedicate ourselves to always find the nicest products available to enhance body curves. Since 2013, we have decided to be exclusively dedicated to the Plus Size Lingerie after being touched by the kindness, sensibility of the beautiful Curvy ladies, and we are encouraging the designers to develop the Plus Size lingerie lines more and more.

2. Some real size woman struggle with putting on lingerie because of confidence. Some may think the styles on your site are nice but may shy away because the lingerie may not look like it does on the model. What do you say to a woman with insecurities?

First of all, your Curves should not make you insecure. At the contrary they make you different from the supposed to be regular standards! Be proud of your differences, forget about the stereotypes, and our Plus Size Lingerie will enhance your Curves. And definitely, the Lingerie will look the same way it looks on the models. Our models do not make the Lingerie, the Lingerie makes our models.

3. Are your items true to size?

All manufacturers have quite today the same size charts, so yes, our products are true to size and this is why our product returns average no more than 1% of total sales. Anyhow, we have a very easy return policy, just in case...

4. Are there specific recommendations you can make for lingerie choice based on body type?

The only recommandation we may make : Be yourself, Be Curvy n Beautiful because you deserve it and all products will fit your expectations…


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